Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Who I be?

My name's Connor Doyle. I used to be a professional sports writer in Idaho, which is sort of like saying I used to be a prostitute because I once stole the purse of some girl I slept with. Nevertheless, I'm no longer in "the biz" because the pay is better at most fast food establishments, and I got tired of angry e-mails from readers. The conceit inherent in that explanation — that I was actually good enough to pursue writing as a career — is not lost on me. Unfortunately, I didn't do it long enough to figure out if I really sucked or not.

I wish I could justify this blog's existence beyond my own narcissism, but I can't. So, instead, I'll combat the audacity of believing my opinions important enough for dissemination by showing you just how ridiculous I look in person (probably NSFW if you work with children).

That should bring me down a peg.

Anyway, the idea here is to erect a temple to my opinions, which I obviously hold in high enough regard to memorialize under an incredibly douchey blog headline. Yes, that's italian for "the antagonist." Seriously, someone should probably kick me in the nuts for this.

I don't have any real plan beyond "opinions on shit," and a self-improvement project that involves me tracking every new wine I try, its price, and what I thought of it. Since I tend to stick to wines a schlub like me can afford, I thought it might be useful for someone else to read what a non-expert thinks about affordable wines. Other than that, it's whatever occurs to me.

I also used to write for a blog called Two Guys Who, Like, Never Agree, which is now pretty much dead.

More to be added as needed.